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what life in my town was like. Know about live in towns/villages in Bessarabia from old Bessarabians

Akkerman's Old Jewish Cemetery

We're collecting information about graves located in Old Jewish cemetery in Akkerman (Bilhorod Dnistrivski, Ukraine)

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beit-bessarabia is a community of jewish people of bessarabian decent. Our goal is preserve our traditions, memories, help Bessarabians wherever they live

I was born in Bessarabia in 1967. My parents were born there in 1930s. My granparents were born there in 1900s. Many generations of my family lived and died in villages and shtetls across the territory clunched between Nistru and Prut rivers. They were bessarabian jews which are so different. They spoke different yiddish, they made different farshmak. We, their decendants, left the place. We live in Israel, Australia or USA but the shared traditions and memories make us Bessarabian.

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over 110 missiles were launched to Israel yesterday , and over 40 missiles just today, an Israeli school in Ashkelon were hit, luckily we stopped the schools activities during the war. the IDF attacked over the night more than 100 Hamas's targets including tunnels for smuggling weapons....

Personally I used to buy pizza for IDF soldiers on

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